Friday Faves: Halloween!

Only two weeks til Halloween! Instead of internet finds I’m sharing a bunch of old Halloween costumes. Ahh…nostalgia…

  1. For some reason I was a stoplight freshman year in college. Felt circles taped together and taped on a shirt. I have no idea why. I was a freshman. Who knows what they’re thinking?
  2. Oh high school…so long ago. This was inter-dorm trick-or-treating. A cowgirl is pretty simple to put together if you have the right stuff. Apparently I was missing the cowboy boots though.
  3. Sophomore year I was a strawberry. I made a cool hat out of felt and wore a red shirt. Easy peasy.
  4. This is one of my faves – who remembers “Legends of the Hidden Temple?” I always knew I would’ve been awesome on that game show. You can totally buy these shirts online if anyone wants to relive their childhood. Then we spray painted some bike helmets bright yellow, and wore khaki shorts.
  5. Senior year was a last minute costume as a pirate. Cheapo toy sabre, eye patch, bandana, and some striped tights you can’t see. But the real star of this picture is my roomie as WALL-E. Best. Costume. Ever.
  6. A few years later I did pirates right. This was the first intense year of costume-making. I used a pattern, and it was a lot of work, but totally worth it. Add some props and fishnets, and we were set. We still pull these out when we’re short on time and need a costume.
  7. I whipped up a pirate vest for Colby so she could join in the fun too.
  8. I developed my love for Star Trek late in life, but thank goodness it came. These were pretty easy to put together – t-shirts with black pieces glued/sewn on to mimic Next Generation uniforms. Our com buttons hubs made our of cardboard, painted and glued to safety pins. I especially enjoyed carrying around a phaser all night. One year I want to make a retro ’70s Uhura dress.

I love Halloween, the fantasy and fun of dressing up in costumes, and I’m so glad that as an adult I still have an excuse to. There was no time to make costumes this year, and we thought about reusing but I really wanted to do something new. So we bought several different pieces to create our costumes. And I’m excited about what we came up with! Any guesses?

What will you be dressing up as this year? Do you like the traditional character costumes, or clever pun costumes? Do you like to make or buy your costumes?