Friday Faves: Tea

Fall has certainly arrived here on the Shore; the days are still warm, but bookended by chilly mornings and evenings.Something about the change in weather has made me want hot tea constantly. I know most people go for the Pumpkin Spice Latte (of which I am also a fan) but coffee hasn’t sounded good. Just good and simple Lady Grey. And what naturally accompanies tea – a good book.

1. I wish I could eat like a hobbit.
2. Yes, this sounds delightful.
3. Tea time would always be awesome – and terrifying – with this Harry Potter tea cup.
4. Just read the cup, people.
5. Hubs just bought this Mad Hatter tea cup for me. It’s pretty much the best ever.
6. C. S. Lewis was a wise man.
7. Nothing like waking up and knowing you’re not in the Hunger Games to start your day off right.


Weekend Away

I spent the weekend with an old friend and college roommate that recently moved to Silver Spring, Maryland, just across the bridge from us. It was lots of fun seeing the city, and we took a trip into D. C. on Saturday.

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It was a gorgeous day to roam the capital, and there is just so so much to choose from to do, you really need weeks there. I hadn’t been since elementary school, so it was fun to revisit the well-known sites, as well as see the new monuments that have been built since then. After the Zoo, where we got to see everyone’s favorite baby panda, Bao Bao, we enjoyed exploring the west side of the National mall. We saw the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, as well as the World War II Memorial, opened in 2004, and the MLK Memorial, opened in 2011.

I really appreciated getting to see the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The side of the figure reads “Out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” and behind it stretches a wall on either side filled with quotes from Dr. King. It is a beautiful memorial. Coming from the Deep South and knowing so well its past, it makes me thankful not only for Dr. King, but the numerous men and women that fought through such despair and changed the face of our nation.

It was so nice to be able to see the new memorials. We just saw the Jefferson Memorial from afar – we had reached our walking limit for the day. I had forgotten how spread out everything was, so it was quite a long day, but completely worth it. Hubs and I will have to make some trips over to see a bunch of stuff.

One of my favorite things was riding the Metro – I love riding on subways. It makes this small-town girl feel like a big-city woman. I would love to live in a metropolis at some point in life. Every time I’ve visited a big city, I’ve felt so at home. I love the thriving, liveliness of cities, the ability to walk or use public transportation to get anywhere, and there’s never a shortage of people for people-watching.

It was a fun weekend of spending time with friends, seeing some great sites, and eating lots of good food.

What were you up to this weekend? See any good sites or visit any cool people?

Friday Faves: Letters

I’ve been absent lately just because sewing has dwindled and other activities have increased. However, I’m hoping to add some regularity to the blog with recurring topics, starting with Friday Favs – whatever I find on the lovely interweb that I feel like sharing.

First up: Letters

1. Minimalistic. Geeky. Perfect. The Star Wars alphabet
2. As Scrabble fans, we need some of these giant Scrabble tiles
3. Practical and lovely, Harry Potter alphabet cards
4. Love the cozy, vintage feel of this monogrammed hoop art
5. Z is for Zebra A personal favorite and a Mississippi artist, we actually have the pleasure of owning this and a couple of his other prints
6. The perfect touch – small and dainty letter necklace
7. Vintage speaks to me, like these alphabet wall cards

Business or Pleasure

Some nights I sit down at my sewing machine for hours on end. Once the evening gets late, I have to pull myself hubs has to pull me away from it so I can get up bright and early for my real job. Some days I think, “If I could only sew full time as my job!”

But, I’ll admit, sometimes I get bored with my sewing projects. I don’t particularly like making the same thing over and over again, and if it’s a large project, like a quilt, I will get tired of piecing lots and lots and lots of little pieces together. And I don’t particularly enjoy the photographing and listing part of Etsy. Some nights I’d rather go geocaching with hubs, work on a house project (if I’m feeling particularly industrious), or (most often) just binge watch Netflix. At these times, I’m thankful to have a job that I get to leave and not have to worry about again until the next morning. I like to sew, but it’s nice not having to sew. Somehow that takes the fun out of it.

All that to say, there are a couple sewing projects in the works, but I’m enjoying doing other things for now:

  • Last night I baked my first pumpkin from our CSA and made pumpkin puree, which will shortly be made into pumpkin bread. A third of the puree ended up all over my kitchen floor when I was trying to bag it, but thankfully my dog has a gift for cleaning.
  • I’ve gotten some good use out of my Netflix discs. As fast as I can get them, I’ve watched The Lone Ranger, The Great Gatsby, and The Book Thief (two literary adaptations – I’m not a bookworm in the slightest…), with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on the way. And of course I’ve got my movie snacks. All great movies, by the way: The Lone Ranger greatly exceeded my mediocre expectations, The Great Gatsby was incredibly well done, and The Book Thief was beautiful if you’ve read the book (if not, it could seem disjointed).


  • I’ve started running again (to make up for all the pizza, ice cream and soda :-D). I’ve dabbled at running in the past but never kept it up; the last time I ran was a 5K in May. So I’m starting over again with the Couch to 5K (C25K) app. I’ve finished the program once before and could run 30 minutes straight without feeling like I was going to die. Great app for beginners and/or out of shape folk like me.
  • I started reading again. One of my loves as far back as I can remember, though it’s been a while since I delved into a good book. But I started I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak, same author of The Book Thief. It’s…interesting so far.
  • Spending time with friends – always worth putting sewing on hold. Gracious friends have fed me and kept me company while hubs is out of town. And I’m looking forward to spending this weekend catching up with my old college roommate, who recently moved just over the bridge in Maryland.

I do have a couple sewing projects in the works – some fall and Christmas (already?!) items that I’m really excited about. I’ll get around to finishing them at some point.

What have you been up to lately? If you could make your favorite hobby your job, would you still like it?

Voice Your Support: Net Neutrality


That little pop-up banner on the site today is part of the Internet Slowdown to bring awareness to the issue of net neutrality. Net neutrality is important for little blogs like mine to stay alive. Learn more about what this means and show your support by visiting Help keep the internet open to all.


We’re past the unofficial start of fall, and just weeks away from the official start. I am ready for pumpkin spice, chili, bonfires and boots. To welcome the change of weather I’m adding a few seasonal items to the shop this month. The first is a girl’s skirt featuring a lovely fabric in persimmon pink with an off-white forest silhouette from Moda’s Autumn Woods collection by Kate & Birdie Paper Co.


The skirt has a 2″ enclosed elastic waistband with an attached sash, and will fit a young girl, sizes 4 to 6.


Up close you can see the cute details of the forest life. This sweet little skirt will transition well from summer to fall – just add tights or leggings. Though the days are growing shorter and darker, this delightful skirt will keep your fall cheery and bright .

Treasure Hunting

A friend recently turned hubs on to geocaching, and we spent our Labor Day morning on the hunt. Check out the link for more information, but basically it’s a real life treasure hunt. Think National Treasure, minus Nick Cage, bad guys with guns, and the history lesson. But still, it’s super fun. It’s a rush when you find the cache. I’d heard of it a long time ago and thought it sounded cool, but I thought you needed a lot of equipment to do it. Turns out, all we use is an app on our phones that shows us all the caches around the city.

They are hidden all over the place and they come in all shapes and sizes. Our first try was a small cache down a hiking trail. You never know what you’ll find along the way – we found this terrifying animal den at the trailhead.


Thankfully nothing came out of it, and, through brambles and spiderwebs, we made it to the cache. If you go looking for a cache in the woods, though, be better dressed for it than I was – flip flops and shorts aren’t the best idea. The app will only get you so close and then you’ve got to find it yourself.


Next was an extra small cache in the middle of a parking lot.


There’s no gold in the end, just a log to sign showing you found it. Some of the boxes have little knickknacks that you can trade out with something of your own, but the hunt in and of itself is the fun. We enjoyed it, and I think we’ll be doing it often. There’s a few we tried but weren’t able to find, so I think I’ll want to go back and try them again. It’s an entertaining, free activity and, as fairly new residents of Salisbury, it’s helped us discover places we’ve never been before. There are bound to be some geocaches near you, you should give it a try.

What did you do for Labor Day? Have you tried geocaching before?