Elves at Work

I realize it’s not even Halloween yet, but, yes, I’m already looking towards the holidays.

I wanted to make some items for the shop, first of which is a stocking in wool felt – just simple and classic. A friend gave me tons of Christmas fabrics to work with, and I whipped up a prototype.


I used 20% wool felt, which is softer than the 100% acrylic kind, yet still affordable. The stocking has a fold over cuff with hanger, and stitched fabric accents on the heel and toe. The body is sewn together with a decorative overedge stitch in contrasting thread.

I plan to add the option for a big initial on the body too. With Christmas items I want them to be ready to ship, so I’ve started making up a few, but you know how life goes – with sewing just as a side hobby, there are always plenty of other things that come first. Hopefully, I’ll have some stockings up in the shop soon.

But speaking of Halloween, what are you dressing up as this year? Hubs and I haven’t really decided yet, but it might just be a repeat of a year past. I guess it just depends on how much time I have to work on costumes.

Do you have any cheap and easy costume ideas to share? Are you already looking forward to the holidays?


Friday Faves: Letters

I’ve been absent lately just because sewing has dwindled and other activities have increased. However, I’m hoping to add some regularity to the blog with recurring topics, starting with Friday Favs – whatever I find on the lovely interweb that I feel like sharing.

First up: Letters

1. Minimalistic. Geeky. Perfect. The Star Wars alphabet
2. As Scrabble fans, we need some of these giant Scrabble tiles
3. Practical and lovely, Harry Potter alphabet cards
4. Love the cozy, vintage feel of this monogrammed hoop art
5. Z is for Zebra A personal favorite and a Mississippi artist, we actually have the pleasure of owning this and a couple of his other prints
6. The perfect touch – small and dainty letter necklace
7. Vintage speaks to me, like these alphabet wall cards


We’re past the unofficial start of fall, and just weeks away from the official start. I am ready for pumpkin spice, chili, bonfires and boots. To welcome the change of weather I’m adding a few seasonal items to the shop this month. The first is a girl’s skirt featuring a lovely fabric in persimmon pink with an off-white forest silhouette from Moda’s Autumn Woods collection by Kate & Birdie Paper Co.


The skirt has a 2″ enclosed elastic waistband with an attached sash, and will fit a young girl, sizes 4 to 6.


Up close you can see the cute details of the forest life. This sweet little skirt will transition well from summer to fall – just add tights or leggings. Though the days are growing shorter and darker, this delightful skirt will keep your fall cheery and bright .

Just For You

This week I received two requests for custom orders. A friend asked me to make her two capes for her pre-K classroom, and an Etsy customer requested a size 5 toddler outfit in different fabric. My first go with custom orders was so fulfilling for my creative side: the customers had a specific vision in mind, and I got to make that a reality.

For the outfit order, she gave me a general color scheme and I found fabric options, then sent her pictures. Once she picked her fabric and elastic, I whipped up a skirt and bow headband set. The fabric she picked is so fun; it turned out to be such a cute set.

photo 2

I really enjoyed making the capes because, seriously, who doesn’t want their own cape? They are double layered in poly-satin, one red with yellow underside and star appliqué, and the other vice versa. I was so excited to deliver them that I forgot to take pictures. Oh well. I enjoyed that this was a new project and it let me practice working with slippery fabric and appliqué. It was slow-going because I wanted to make sure everything went together well and looked good, but it was nice to do something a little different and stretch my skills.

Hubs keeps mentioning he wants a cape now, and I kind of do too. And with Halloween around the corner I’ve actually got an excuse to make some! Though, you have to keep in mind the invaluable warning from The Incredibles:

I don’t think I’ll be running into any missiles, jet turbines, or vortexes, so I should be good.

Don’t forget – back to school sale ends Sunday. Send your little one back in style. Check out what’s available at the Shop link in the top menu. Coupon applies to custom orders too!

Back to School Sale

Can’t you just smell the new erasers and fresh crayons? Visit the shop to get your little ones ready to go back to school in style, or a happy for yourself – you made it through summer!

Just enter BACK2SCHOOL20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase for the entire month of August ($10 minimum purchase). I’d love to make something for you!

Baby Boom and DIY

Our church is booming with babies at the moment, and I’m not exaggerating. I think there have been 15 pregnancies within the past year. And that makes for a lot of baby showers. I enjoy making items for the showers, but usually I get too close to the day before I even think about making something and then run out of time. Even as a 20-something I still have to work on my procrastination…

But for when I do plan far enough ahead, this is my list of go-to DIY’s for baby gifts:

I’ve never made baby shoes, but after Kerry mentioned them in the giveaway, I found these Mary Janes.They are just adorable, I might have to try it soon.

Do you enjoy making gifts? What types of things to you like to make and give?

Rainbow Inspiration

There’s been a lull with new items in the shop because I’ve been working on a baby quilt. I had put my quilting aside to work on the little girl outfits, but now I’ve decided to finish up this quilt top that had been sitting partway done for a while.

photo 10
I used the Sunnyside by Kate Spain charm squares that feature lots of cute clouds, raindrops, and flowers, along with some colorful abstract designs. With the theme of rain and it’s produce, I thought a display of the squares in a rainbow pattern just made sense, and ties the whole piece together.

photo 3
It turned out with a nice design from afar, and lots of interesting detail to be seen in each square up close.

It’s always fun to get the quilt sandwich put together – now that it has some body and fullness it’s like the quilt has life. I’m in the middle of binding, which is why it looks uneven – half of it isn’t sewn down. It takes a while because I do the binding by hand, but I like the change from working on my machine. I can sit and talk with hubs, and take it anywhere with me. It’ll be off to the shop soon.

photo 13

Don’t forget about the giveaway! There’s still time to enter