Evergreen and Holly

IMG_3275 - cropped

This deep, lush green reminds me of holly bushes and evergreens. Mmm…smell those Christmas trees. The body is made of green wool felt with gray, white, and red accent fabric. Now available in the shop.

My sewing room is currently a disaster, covered with piles of fabric, and party items for our church Harvest Party in two weeks. But underneath it all is a bunch of cut stocking body pieces, ready for assembly. So keep an eye out for more to come – different colored felts, and different patterned fabrics.



I’ve finally finished a runner that had been sitting around for a while. All it needed was some hand stitching to finish the binding, but I just kept ignoring it. But it’s finally done!

I haven’t been able to get any good full-length pictures yet, but I couldn’t wait to post a couple close-ups. This is a reversible autumn/Christmas runner with a chevron design.


The front uses Kate & Birdie Paper Company’s Autumn Woods fabric collection in 2 rows of chevrons with white in between and a border of patterned brown. (This might sound familiar because I used fabric from the same collection for this skirt.) This was my second attempt at chevrons, the first of which ended  disastrously. This time, I was much better about matching up all my squares, and it turned out beautifully.

I quilted on the colored chevrons so it makes a great subtle pattern on the back, which is made of a bunch of Christmas fabric strips of varying widths.


I love how this one turned out. Once I manage to get some good pictures, it’ll be up in the shop.

Friday Faves: Pumpkins

Our church is planning a Harvest Party for the end of October. Researching games and decorations has put pumpkins on the brain. They’re great for decoration, food, games, food, and carving.

  1. I love Starbucks pumpkin bread, and this recipe is pretty darn close.
  2. We did this pumpkin rolling relay at our Harvest party last year, and the kids had so much fun with it. We’ll be trying it again this year. There are also a bunch of other ideas listed on that site.
  3. Anyone remember Homestar Runner? There were a couple years I used these stencils.
  4. A somewhat less messy option for decorating pumpkins by painting them.
  5. I love chili, seems like adding pumpkin could only make it better. I would totally make this with beef though.
  6. I don’t often do much with home decor, but I do love this look.

Elves at Work

I realize it’s not even Halloween yet, but, yes, I’m already looking towards the holidays.

I wanted to make some items for the shop, first of which is a stocking in wool felt – just simple and classic. A friend gave me tons of Christmas fabrics to work with, and I whipped up a prototype.


I used 20% wool felt, which is softer than the 100% acrylic kind, yet still affordable. The stocking has a fold over cuff with hanger, and stitched fabric accents on the heel and toe. The body is sewn together with a decorative overedge stitch in contrasting thread.

I plan to add the option for a big initial on the body too. With Christmas items I want them to be ready to ship, so I’ve started making up a few, but you know how life goes – with sewing just as a side hobby, there are always plenty of other things that come first. Hopefully, I’ll have some stockings up in the shop soon.

But speaking of Halloween, what are you dressing up as this year? Hubs and I haven’t really decided yet, but it might just be a repeat of a year past. I guess it just depends on how much time I have to work on costumes.

Do you have any cheap and easy costume ideas to share? Are you already looking forward to the holidays?


We’re past the unofficial start of fall, and just weeks away from the official start. I am ready for pumpkin spice, chili, bonfires and boots. To welcome the change of weather I’m adding a few seasonal items to the shop this month. The first is a girl’s skirt featuring a lovely fabric in persimmon pink with an off-white forest silhouette from Moda’s Autumn Woods collection by Kate & Birdie Paper Co.


The skirt has a 2″ enclosed elastic waistband with an attached sash, and will fit a young girl, sizes 4 to 6.


Up close you can see the cute details of the forest life. This sweet little skirt will transition well from summer to fall – just add tights or leggings. Though the days are growing shorter and darker, this delightful skirt will keep your fall cheery and bright .

Just For You

This week I received two requests for custom orders. A friend asked me to make her two capes for her pre-K classroom, and an Etsy customer requested a size 5 toddler outfit in different fabric. My first go with custom orders was so fulfilling for my creative side: the customers had a specific vision in mind, and I got to make that a reality.

For the outfit order, she gave me a general color scheme and I found fabric options, then sent her pictures. Once she picked her fabric and elastic, I whipped up a skirt and bow headband set. The fabric she picked is so fun; it turned out to be such a cute set.

photo 2

I really enjoyed making the capes because, seriously, who doesn’t want their own cape? They are double layered in poly-satin, one red with yellow underside and star appliqué, and the other vice versa. I was so excited to deliver them that I forgot to take pictures. Oh well. I enjoyed that this was a new project and it let me practice working with slippery fabric and appliqué. It was slow-going because I wanted to make sure everything went together well and looked good, but it was nice to do something a little different and stretch my skills.

Hubs keeps mentioning he wants a cape now, and I kind of do too. And with Halloween around the corner I’ve actually got an excuse to make some! Though, you have to keep in mind the invaluable warning from The Incredibles:

I don’t think I’ll be running into any missiles, jet turbines, or vortexes, so I should be good.

Don’t forget – back to school sale ends Sunday. Send your little one back in style. Check out what’s available at the Shop link in the top menu. Coupon applies to custom orders too!

Rainbow again

The last rainbow quilt I made got such wonderful feedback, I decided to make another.

photo 1

This one is a bit different with a green and white polka dot binding, and backed with an aqua and white geometric print flannel. The days are growing shorter and I can already tell the fall is creeping in, so this flannel will be nice and cozy in the cools days to come.

photo 3

In the shop now.

photo 4