I’ve finally finished a runner that had been sitting around for a while. All it needed was some hand stitching to finish the binding, but I just kept ignoring it. But it’s finally done!

I haven’t been able to get any good full-length pictures yet, but I couldn’t wait to post a couple close-ups. This is a reversible autumn/Christmas runner with a chevron design.


The front uses Kate & Birdie Paper Company’s Autumn Woods fabric collection in 2 rows of chevrons with white in between and a border of patterned brown. (This might sound familiar because I used fabric from the same collection for this skirt.) This was my second attempt at chevrons, the first of which ended  disastrously. This time, I was much better about matching up all my squares, and it turned out beautifully.

I quilted on the colored chevrons so it makes a great subtle pattern on the back, which is made of a bunch of Christmas fabric strips of varying widths.


I love how this one turned out. Once I manage to get some good pictures, it’ll be up in the shop.


Rainbow again

The last rainbow quilt I made got such wonderful feedback, I decided to make another.

photo 1

This one is a bit different with a green and white polka dot binding, and backed with an aqua and white geometric print flannel. The days are growing shorter and I can already tell the fall is creeping in, so this flannel will be nice and cozy in the cools days to come.

photo 3

In the shop now.

photo 4

Rainbow Inspiration

There’s been a lull with new items in the shop because I’ve been working on a baby quilt. I had put my quilting aside to work on the little girl outfits, but now I’ve decided to finish up this quilt top that had been sitting partway done for a while.

photo 10
I used the Sunnyside by Kate Spain charm squares that feature lots of cute clouds, raindrops, and flowers, along with some colorful abstract designs. With the theme of rain and it’s produce, I thought a display of the squares in a rainbow pattern just made sense, and ties the whole piece together.

photo 3
It turned out with a nice design from afar, and lots of interesting detail to be seen in each square up close.

It’s always fun to get the quilt sandwich put together – now that it has some body and fullness it’s like the quilt has life. I’m in the middle of binding, which is why it looks uneven – half of it isn’t sewn down. It takes a while because I do the binding by hand, but I like the change from working on my machine. I can sit and talk with hubs, and take it anywhere with me. It’ll be off to the shop soon.

photo 13

Don’t forget about the giveaway! There’s still time to enter

Jewel pattern baby quilt

Remember that baby quilt I was working on? It’s done and ready for sale at the shop!


I loved the fabric in this charm pack, and came up with a quilt pattern that let me use most of each charm square so the adorable fabrics are highlighted. Set on a background of gray, the patterns include flowers, birds, butterflies, and zig-zags.


The back is a gray with white polka dots, and the binding is a flowery design in green, blue and brown.


Don’t you just want to curl up in this? It’ll be perfect for your little one. Buy it now at the shop!

A Trial in White

I love the look of white fabric in projects. It’s the perfect background to highlight beautiful fabrics, and, with spring at hand, it seems the perfect way to mirror the bright, crisp weather inside. I was nervous of working with white fabric – one spot or stray mark could ruin the whole piece – but I decided to try it out and I think it paid off.

Instead of using the Honeysweet charm pack for a baby quilt like I originally intended, I thought it would be perfect to try out a lattice quilt design. This was such a different quilt pattern, that looks intricate but was really fairly simple. Instead of working horizontally and vertically to put all your pieces together, you work diagonally. So you start with the first row (one of the top corners) then add the second row, which is longer, then the third, etc, until you get smaller again in the opposite corner. After you reorient yourself, it’s just like any other quilt. It was a little off-putting working on the diagonal, but it finally all came together. And beautifully.

photo 2

Once I found the lattice pattern I knew I had to use the Honeysweet fabrics, and I loved how the white gives a bright look, contrasts well with the rich colors, and it has an overall antique feel.

photo 3

For the back, I did some floating squares in an antique white on a green and antique white polka dot background. I quilted it all together in a crosshatch design to complement the lattice of the front. Simple, clean, sweet.

photo 1

I absolutely love how this one came together. It might be my favorite thing I’ve quilted. One more thing to add to my inventory for the shop.

New Pretties

With sewing, not only do I love the process of creating, but I love the fabric itself – the bright colors and patterns, and the soft feel. I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree recently.


Besides the Wrens & Friends charm pack that’s my (now finished!) baby quilt, I’ve gotten a few more charm packs and fat quarters.

photo 4

I usually just buy fabrics that jump out at me, and decide later what they will be. These charms packs, I think, are destined to be some lovely baby quilts – what’s better than adorable fabrics for an adorable little one? The Bluebird Park pack has lots of cute, whimsical designs with hedgehogs and bunny rabbits, while the Sunnyside pack has some refreshing, modern patterns. The Honeysweet pack has some charming, antique-esque patterns that will make the sweetest country-chic baby girl quilt. I don’t know what the fat quarters will be – I just loved how they looked!

photo 3

This pile of fabric is on its way to being a table runner. The fresh colors in this bunch make me long for summer, especially the blue swirly one – doesn’t it just make you think of the ocean? What a perfect way to brighten up your house when there are mounds of snow outside.

Baby Quilt On the Way

quilt top

I’m almost finished with this quilt. Here’s the top, made from the Moda Wren & Friends by Gina Martin charm pack, cut into jewel shapes and sewn in alternating slanting rows. I love how that large jewel shape leaves the charm squares mostly whole so you can really see the cute fabrics. And there are so many colors to show in this pack.

All that’s left is the double-fold binding. Then, off to the shop.