Friday Faves: Calendars

With the new year around the corner, I’m thinking about calendars. So many to choose fun and fun to use through the year.

  1. Aww, don’t you need a cute, little Darth Vader?
  2. What a cheery desk calendar to lighten up an dreary office space.
  3. I love these adorable little owls, your feathered friends month to month.
  4. I seriously need a perpetual calendar to keep track of birthdays. This floral one is my favorite so far.
  5. Here’s a cool, artsy calendar to decorate your space.
  6. A nice big calendar for the wall – functional and decorative.
  7. A beautiful hymn calendar will keep you singing all year long. An old friend from college has designed these, and I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. (Last day to pre-order is today.)


I’ve finally finished a runner that had been sitting around for a while. All it needed was some hand stitching to finish the binding, but I just kept ignoring it. But it’s finally done!

I haven’t been able to get any good full-length pictures yet, but I couldn’t wait to post a couple close-ups. This is a reversible autumn/Christmas runner with a chevron design.


The front uses Kate & Birdie Paper Company’s Autumn Woods fabric collection in 2 rows of chevrons with white in between and a border of patterned brown. (This might sound familiar because I used fabric from the same collection for this skirt.) This was my second attempt at chevrons, the first of which ended  disastrously. This time, I was much better about matching up all my squares, and it turned out beautifully.

I quilted on the colored chevrons so it makes a great subtle pattern on the back, which is made of a bunch of Christmas fabric strips of varying widths.


I love how this one turned out. Once I manage to get some good pictures, it’ll be up in the shop.

Elves at Work

I realize it’s not even Halloween yet, but, yes, I’m already looking towards the holidays.

I wanted to make some items for the shop, first of which is a stocking in wool felt – just simple and classic. A friend gave me tons of Christmas fabrics to work with, and I whipped up a prototype.


I used 20% wool felt, which is softer than the 100% acrylic kind, yet still affordable. The stocking has a fold over cuff with hanger, and stitched fabric accents on the heel and toe. The body is sewn together with a decorative overedge stitch in contrasting thread.

I plan to add the option for a big initial on the body too. With Christmas items I want them to be ready to ship, so I’ve started making up a few, but you know how life goes – with sewing just as a side hobby, there are always plenty of other things that come first. Hopefully, I’ll have some stockings up in the shop soon.

But speaking of Halloween, what are you dressing up as this year? Hubs and I haven’t really decided yet, but it might just be a repeat of a year past. I guess it just depends on how much time I have to work on costumes.

Do you have any cheap and easy costume ideas to share? Are you already looking forward to the holidays?

Friday Faves: Letters

I’ve been absent lately just because sewing has dwindled and other activities have increased. However, I’m hoping to add some regularity to the blog with recurring topics, starting with Friday Favs – whatever I find on the lovely interweb that I feel like sharing.

First up: Letters

1. Minimalistic. Geeky. Perfect. The Star Wars alphabet
2. As Scrabble fans, we need some of these giant Scrabble tiles
3. Practical and lovely, Harry Potter alphabet cards
4. Love the cozy, vintage feel of this monogrammed hoop art
5. Z is for Zebra A personal favorite and a Mississippi artist, we actually have the pleasure of owning this and a couple of his other prints
6. The perfect touch – small and dainty letter necklace
7. Vintage speaks to me, like these alphabet wall cards

Vintage Gold

I scored a most excellent find at our church’s yard sale a couple weekends ago.

photo 3
This is a 1938 Kenmore sewing machine built in to the cabinet with a knee pedal underneath. (I’ve never seen a knee pedal before, but it’s pretty cool.) The most amazing thing of all – it still works.

photo 4
Though the cabinet needs to be refinished and the wiring repaired, it’s really in great condition to be 76 years old. It even came with tons of accessories and the original manual in all those drawers.

photo 5
Hubs had a hard time understanding why I would want another machine, especially one this old. I love antiques, and I love sewing – why wouldn’t I love an antique sewing machine? It’ll be a great piece to have around the house. I might sew on it every just because I can, but mainly I just wanted it as a reminder of a craft I love so much. Plus, you really can never have too many machines.

photo 1
For now, it’s found a spot in the kitchen with a cloth covering the top until we get a chance to refinish it. I still can’t believe I found something so neat, and am thrilled to have it displayed in our home.

Have you ever found a gem at a garage sale/thrift store? What kinds of things do you buy even if they don’t serve a practical purpose?

Table Goodies

I just finished a new set of napkins.

photo 1

This was a fun fabric find – a cool modern take on floral in a pretty blue, turquoise and white on a gray background.


And here’s a new item – matching burlap placemats.


For all you lovers of shabby chic. It took me a while to come around to the burlap love, but it is a fun aesthetic to work with. Because it’s such a loose material, it has a very free-form feel to it, and it creates a fun juxtaposition to mix it with modern fabrics, like this floral.

photo 5

Napkins and placemats are each available for purchase now in the shop!

Sewing Room Decor


I have always loved how pattern pieces look – all the different shapes, markings and directions on them make a fun overall design. I also enjoy experimenting with new mediums other than just fabric, so decided to make a collage out of some pieces.

il_fullxfull.487048375_ma0d il_fullxfull.487321350_mni4

I love how these turned out! They’re fun decor pieces for the sewing enthusiast – whether it’s you or a loved one. And now available in the shop!