About Caitlin

cropped-picI dabbled in sewing for many years, just picking it up every now and then. In 2009, I decided it was time to invest in this hobby, and focused on developing my skill. I first learned garment construction, then quilting, and also enjoy making an array of accessories.

Sewing for me has been a path of self discovery. When I first started out, I enjoyed working from patterns. But I was never satisfied because my final piece didn’t look like “the picture.” It took me a long time – with much frustration and self-deprecation – to realize that my goal was not to perfectly duplicate someone else’s creation. No, my goal is to create something of my own. But creating something that has YOU written on it is scary – there’s fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of criticism. Once I realized the value of my own self-expression, and got over those fears, I became more comfortable designing and developing my own style. I try to make my creations a little different, a little quirky, just like every one of us.

I work full time and sew on the side. I’m always seeking to learn more and become better. I love sharp lines mixed with organic, free-form designs; as well as fun colors and whimsical prints.photo

I lived my whole life in Mississippi, until we relocated to the Maryland Eastern Shore in 2013 for my husband’s job, who is a pastor in the PCA.

If I’m not at my sewing machine, I’m likely to be found binging on Netflix or curled up with a cup of tea and a good book (generally Lady Grey and the physical, hard copy ones; ebooks just aren’t the same). I like to try new things, so my list of interests is ever-changing, but I’ll tell you all about them.


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