Friday Faves: Pumpkins

Our church is planning a Harvest Party for the end of October. Researching games and decorations has put pumpkins on the brain. They’re great for decoration, food, games, food, and carving.

  1. I love Starbucks pumpkin bread, and this recipe is pretty darn close.
  2. We did this pumpkin rolling relay at our Harvest party last year, and the kids had so much fun with it. We’ll be trying it again this year. There are also a bunch of other ideas listed on that site.
  3. Anyone remember Homestar Runner? There were a couple years I used these stencils.
  4. A somewhat less messy option for decorating pumpkins by painting them.
  5. I love chili, seems like adding pumpkin could only make it better. I would totally make this with beef though.
  6. I don’t often do much with home decor, but I do love this look.

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