Friday Faves: Tea

Fall has certainly arrived here on the Shore; the days are still warm, but bookended by chilly mornings and evenings.Something about the change in weather has made me want hot tea constantly. I know most people go for the Pumpkin Spice Latte (of which I am also a fan) but coffee hasn’t sounded good. Just good and simple Lady Grey. And what naturally accompanies tea – a good book.

1. I wish I could eat like a hobbit.
2. Yes, this sounds delightful.
3. Tea time would always be awesome – and terrifying – with this Harry Potter tea cup.
4. Just read the cup, people.
5. Hubs just bought this Mad Hatter tea cup for me. It’s pretty much the best ever.
6. C. S. Lewis was a wise man.
7. Nothing like waking up and knowing you’re not in the Hunger Games to start your day off right.


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