Treasure Hunting

A friend recently turned hubs on to geocaching, and we spent our Labor Day morning on the hunt. Check out the link for more information, but basically it’s a real life treasure hunt. Think National Treasure, minus Nick Cage, bad guys with guns, and the history lesson. But still, it’s super fun. It’s a rush when you find the cache. I’d heard of it a long time ago and thought it sounded cool, but I thought you needed a lot of equipment to do it. Turns out, all we use is an app on our phones that shows us all the caches around the city.

They are hidden all over the place and they come in all shapes and sizes. Our first try was a small cache down a hiking trail. You never know what you’ll find along the way – we found this terrifying animal den at the trailhead.


Thankfully nothing came out of it, and, through brambles and spiderwebs, we made it to the cache. If you go looking for a cache in the woods, though, be better dressed for it than I was – flip flops and shorts aren’t the best idea. The app will only get you so close and then you’ve got to find it yourself.


Next was an extra small cache in the middle of a parking lot.


There’s no gold in the end, just a log to sign showing you found it. Some of the boxes have little knickknacks that you can trade out with something of your own, but the hunt in and of itself is the fun. We enjoyed it, and I think we’ll be doing it often. There’s a few we tried but weren’t able to find, so I think I’ll want to go back and try them again. It’s an entertaining, free activity and, as fairly new residents of Salisbury, it’s helped us discover places we’ve never been before. There are bound to be some geocaches near you, you should give it a try.

What did you do for Labor Day? Have you tried geocaching before?


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