Just For You

This week I received two requests for custom orders. A friend asked me to make her two capes for her pre-K classroom, and an Etsy customer requested a size 5 toddler outfit in different fabric. My first go with custom orders was so fulfilling for my creative side: the customers had a specific vision in mind, and I got to make that a reality.

For the outfit order, she gave me a general color scheme and I found fabric options, then sent her pictures. Once she picked her fabric and elastic, I whipped up a skirt and bow headband set. The fabric she picked is so fun; it turned out to be such a cute set.

photo 2

I really enjoyed making the capes because, seriously, who doesn’t want their own cape? They are double layered in poly-satin, one red with yellow underside and star appliqué, and the other vice versa. I was so excited to deliver them that I forgot to take pictures. Oh well. I enjoyed that this was a new project and it let me practice working with slippery fabric and appliqué. It was slow-going because I wanted to make sure everything went together well and looked good, but it was nice to do something a little different and stretch my skills.

Hubs keeps mentioning he wants a cape now, and I kind of do too. And with Halloween around the corner I’ve actually got an excuse to make some! Though, you have to keep in mind the invaluable warning from The Incredibles:

I don’t think I’ll be running into any missiles, jet turbines, or vortexes, so I should be good.

Don’t forget – back to school sale ends Sunday. Send your little one back in style. Check out what’s available at the Shop link in the top menu. Coupon applies to custom orders too!


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