A Long Week

Hubs is out of town this week to take our youth group on their summer mission trip to Urban Promise.They left yesterday, and are working hard all week with children’s camps and service projects.

Yep, it’s just me and Colby this week. She’s just happy I didn’t leave too.

Now, I will admit that as an introvert I usually I look forward to the time alone. I get to be quiet and spend my time on those solitary pursuits I enjoy – reading, sewing, shopping, watching kids movies – without feeling like I’m ignoring hubs. But I’m realizing these indulgences will only occupy me for so long, and don’t make up for having my husband gone.

Thankfully I do have a full workweek and a few weekly things to keep me busy in the evenings. And, yes, I’m sure I’ll get some sewing done. But it’s going to be a long week, and I look forward to Saturday.

Do you enjoy having some alone time to do whatever you don’t normally get to do? What special things do you do when you have some time to yourself?


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