Rainbow Inspiration

There’s been a lull with new items in the shop because I’ve been working on a baby quilt. I had put my quilting aside to work on the little girl outfits, but now I’ve decided to finish up this quilt top that had been sitting partway done for a while.

photo 10
I used the Sunnyside by Kate Spain charm squares that feature lots of cute clouds, raindrops, and flowers, along with some colorful abstract designs. With the theme of rain and it’s produce, I thought a display of the squares in a rainbow pattern just made sense, and ties the whole piece together.

photo 3
It turned out with a nice design from afar, and lots of interesting detail to be seen in each square up close.

It’s always fun to get the quilt sandwich put together – now that it has some body and fullness it’s like the quilt has life. I’m in the middle of binding, which is why it looks uneven – half of it isn’t sewn down. It takes a while because I do the binding by hand, but I like the change from working on my machine. I can sit and talk with hubs, and take it anywhere with me. It’ll be off to the shop soon.

photo 13

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