Vintage Gold

I scored a most excellent find at our church’s yard sale a couple weekends ago.

photo 3
This is a 1938 Kenmore sewing machine built in to the cabinet with a knee pedal underneath. (I’ve never seen a knee pedal before, but it’s pretty cool.) The most amazing thing of all – it still works.

photo 4
Though the cabinet needs to be refinished and the wiring repaired, it’s really in great condition to be 76 years old. It even came with tons of accessories and the original manual in all those drawers.

photo 5
Hubs had a hard time understanding why I would want another machine, especially one this old. I love antiques, and I love sewing – why wouldn’t I love an antique sewing machine? It’ll be a great piece to have around the house. I might sew on it every just because I can, but mainly I just wanted it as a reminder of a craft I love so much. Plus, you really can never have too many machines.

photo 1
For now, it’s found a spot in the kitchen with a cloth covering the top until we get a chance to refinish it. I still can’t believe I found something so neat, and am thrilled to have it displayed in our home.

Have you ever found a gem at a garage sale/thrift store? What kinds of things do you buy even if they don’t serve a practical purpose?


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