Family and the Fourth

We had a bunch of family in town for the long holiday weekend, and here on the Eastern Shore there are tons of fun things to do.

photo 1
Our family get-togethers always involve food. We took them for Maryland crab cakes, celebrated Hubby’s birthday with a Smith Island cake, and enjoyed a cook-out for the Fourth. We did get to see some fireworks, though it wasn’t quite like we planned – Salisbury was shooting them just blocks from our house so yay! we didn’t have to drive anywhere. But boo! there happened to be a tree placed directly in our line of sight. With a short walk out of the neighborhood, though, we did manage to see a good bit of the show.

photo 2
We also got to go the beach on Assateague Island – it turned out to be a perfect day, and we even found some ponies. We also went to see the happenin’ boardwalk in Ocean City. We didn’t hit the beach, but had some fun browsing the souvenir shops and, of course, eating lots of good food.

photo 3
We went to the zoo for me for the kids, visited the Hebron Fireman’s Carnival, and spent some time just hanging out. Of course with lots of silliness in there too.

I’ll be honest, it’s crazy having 7 people come visit (2 of those being little ones – I am not used to helping take care of little kids all day, and I realize now how exhausting it can be) but I am so so thankful they made the 18 hour drive! They only left this morning, but I already miss having them here. I am so happy we got to show them a little bit of our lives.


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