Give a Little Twirl

As I’ve been working on my baby/toddler skirts, I decided I wanted to tweak my pattern and add a little something to make it more interesting. And what’s better than a sweet little twirly skirt?

photo 9

I don’t often change patterns, but I got the itch to experiment. I took my basic elastic waistband skirt and added a flounce to the bottom half. This design keeps the top portion straight and simple, and gives the bottom just a touch of body and fullness. I was so delighted with how this turned out I might need to make an adult version for myself.

photo 7

I’ve paired the skirt with a big bow headband for another lovely little outfit.

photo 5

Just that one little tweak to the skirt really makes a difference. This will be perfect for your girly-girls. This outfit is now in the shop, and is available in any of the other skirt fabrics.


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