A Trial in White

I love the look of white fabric in projects. It’s the perfect background to highlight beautiful fabrics, and, with spring at hand, it seems the perfect way to mirror the bright, crisp weather inside. I was nervous of working with white fabric – one spot or stray mark could ruin the whole piece – but I decided to try it out and I think it paid off.

Instead of using the Honeysweet charm pack for a baby quilt like I originally intended, I thought it would be perfect to try out a lattice quilt design. This was such a different quilt pattern, that looks intricate but was really fairly simple. Instead of working horizontally and vertically to put all your pieces together, you work diagonally. So you start with the first row (one of the top corners) then add the second row, which is longer, then the third, etc, until you get smaller again in the opposite corner. After you reorient yourself, it’s just like any other quilt. It was a little off-putting working on the diagonal, but it finally all came together. And beautifully.

photo 2

Once I found the lattice pattern I knew I had to use the Honeysweet fabrics, and I loved how the white gives a bright look, contrasts well with the rich colors, and it has an overall antique feel.

photo 3

For the back, I did some floating squares in an antique white on a green and antique white polka dot background. I quilted it all together in a crosshatch design to complement the lattice of the front. Simple, clean, sweet.

photo 1

I absolutely love how this one came together. It might be my favorite thing I’ve quilted. One more thing to add to my inventory for the shop.


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